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Regional PAT Workshops

In 2007, USAID sponsored the IRIS Center's delivery of three 5-day trainings on how to implement a USAID Poverty Assessment Tool (PAT). The trainings were held in Kampala, Uganda, Lima, Peru, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Participants left the trainings with the skills to train others in their organization, and outside it, to implement the PATs.

April-June 2007 Update

In the second quarter of 2007, IRIS constructed USAID PATs for Colombia and Indonesia using official household survey data.  In tandem with tool development from primary survey data, USAID and IRIS developed PATs for Haiti, Mexico, and the Philippines in consultation with the Grameen Foundation, USA.  USAID approved these five PATs by June 30th, making them available to implementers for use in Fiscal Year 2007 reporting, and thereby increasing the number of countries in which PAT implementation is required for USAID implementing partners to seventeen.  In addition, IRIS continued work on a planned tool for Timor-Leste, with anticipated availability in late September 2007.

Meanwhile, the IRIS PAT Training Team completed a PAT training in Cambodia for implementing organizations in the Southeast Asia region.  This event was the last of four regional “trainings of trainers” for PAT implementers in 2007.  There are no additional trainings planned for 2007, but implementers are encouraged to check this website regularly for updates about future trainings and e-learning options. If you are required to implement a PAT for FY2007 and have not yet received training, please contact the PAT Help Desk for assistance in making use of the online training materials

Finally, IRIS staff continued PAT support through its web portal and the PAT Help Desk.  The IRIS team posted new and revised frequently asked questions.  These questions reflect queries received through the Help Desk and from participants in the DC, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America PAT trainings.  The IRIS team has also made available the training materials in electronic form, available for downloading at The USAID Poverty Assessment Tools page. While the Help Desk support is intended for those organizations required to implement a PAT, the PAT Implementation Manual and training materials available on the website are in the public domain and may be downloaded and used by anyone.

January-March 2007 Update

In the first quarter of 2007, the IRIS team made substantial progress on three parallel components of the Poverty Assessment Tool (PAT) project.  First, the IRIS team continued its tool development by processing household survey data for Colombia and Indonesia, while at the same time seeking suitable survey data from additional potential PAT countries.  Second, IRIS conducted three regional “trainings of trainers” on the implementation of the Poverty Assessment Tools. The US-based training was held in Washington, DC from January 22-26th; the Africa training took place in Kampala, Uganda from February 26th-March 2nd; and the Latin America regional training occurred in Lima, Peru from March 26-30th.  Third, the IRIS team continued to provide technical support via the PAT Help Desk and, based on feedback from the field, compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Poverty Tools website.



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