Tool Implementation

Implementation Manual

Instructions for implementing a USAID Poverty Assessment Tool, including processing the data collected in the survey and calculating the percentage of those interviewed who are “very poor,” are included in the PAT Implementation Manual (see links at left).

Although the PAT Implementation Manual was designed specifically for implementing the USAID Poverty Assessment Tools, it can be easily adapted and used as a valuable resource for implementing any quantitative survey tool. Topics such as survey translation, statistical sampling and others have wide applicability.

Data Analysis Manual

An increasing number of organizations have requested assistance analyzing PAT data in their own software (SAS, Excel, etc.). In April 2013, a Data Analysis Manual (see link at left) was published to help users analyze PAT data using information found in each country's certification document (available on individual country pages). Detailed instructions for using Epi Info and CSPro remain in the Implementation Manuals (above) and online course.


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