About CSPro

The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a free software package for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating data from censuses and other surveys. It was designed by the United States Census Bureau, Macro International, and Serpro, S.A.

The software can be downloaded for installation here. Instructions for use and practice files are at the bottom of this page and in the PAT Implementation Manual.

IMPORTANT: The CSPro website offers a download of version 5 which is not compatible with PAT data entry templates. PAT data should be analyzed with CSPro 4.1.002. Older versions of CSPro (4.x.x) will also work but we recommend using version 4.1.002 which can be downloaded using the link above.

CSPro can do many things above and beyond what you will need it to do to meet USAID reporting requirements. This tutorial focuses only on using the modules and menus needed to complete the steps outlined above. The features that make CSPro suitable for use with the USAID PATs include its adaptability, ability to mimic the design of a paper survey, simple point and click procedures, customized data entry with controls to minimize errors, and the ability to compare data to minimize errors.

Why CSPro?

Based on user feedback, PAT developers are adding utility and robustness to the analysis provided by Poverty Assessment Tools. New CSPro templates include:

  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • Simple data cleaning and quality control functions
  • Multiple poverty lines, including the line used for MRR reporting
  • Automatically generated cross-tabulations that show differences in poverty prevalance between a number of variables such as gender, urban/rural, household size, and more - to be used for illustrative purposes
  • Ability to conduct additional analysis or easily export data into a number of formats

System Requirements

• Pentium processor
• 256 MB of memory
• SVGA monitor
• Mouse and keyboard
• 70 MB free disk space
• Windows 98SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista or 7 (the software will currently NOT work on Windows 8)

Using CSPro

Section 9 of the Free Online PAT Training course offers interactive, step-by-step guidance on using CSPro. You may also use the resources below.

Download the CSPro 4.1.002 installation file (February 2013, .exe, 23MB)

Download the CSPro instruction manual
CSPro instructions can also be found in the full PAT Manual in English, French and Spanish.

How To Use CSPro (May 2011, .pdf, 1.7MB)

Download the practice files that accompany the manual
Read the instruction manual before opening any of the files in the zip folder below, which can only be read after installing CSPro successfully on your computer

Practice Files (June 2011, .zip, 65KB)


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